Dr. Moscow & Associates is proud to make custom-made Foot Levelers orthotics that are individually designed for your feet – helping achieve a balanced foundation and stabilized pelvis. Our custom orthotics are handmade for your unique feet based on a 3D laser foot scan and Dr. Moscow’s exam. 

Custom 3 Arch Support

Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are designed to provide the best possible support for all 3 arches of your feet:

  • Individually crafted based on 3D scans to bolster the arches in your feet.

  • Available in a variety of styles and builds to suit your lifestyle and needs.


This allows us to correct leg length asymmetry as well as correcting the 3 arches of your feet.  Don’t settle for less!

Having collapsed arches and unequal leg length can cause undo stresses on your body and can lead to aches and pains of not only your feet, but also of your knees, hips, lower back, neck, and can even cause headaches and migraines.  In addition, having collapsed arches of the foot and asymmetric leg lengths can cause early onset degenerative arthritis.  What happens if you drive your car on misaligned tires?  They wear out unevenly!  Same thing happens to our bodies.  

Our custom-made orthotics can be a vitally important part to wellness!

Why Custom Orthotics

Whether you’re visiting your Dr. Moscow for pain, preventive care or to improve your athletic performance, Foot Levelers’ custom-made functional orthotics can help. Why does Dr. Moscow choose Foot Levelers?

  • Over 6 decades of proven performance.

  • Backed by 37 clinical research studies, more than any other orthotic company in the world.

  • Used by Chiropractic colleges throughout the world.

  • 100,000+ doctors and millions of patients can speak to the results.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Why custom?  Generic, off-the-shelf insoles risk worsening your symptoms because they address only general conditions, and with questionable results. Your feet are as unique as your fingerprints. Only Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are built specifically to meet your individual feet, body and health needs.

Over-the-counter insoles may initially cost less, but they only support one arch in your foot. When only one arch is being supported, it may not maintain the structure of your plantar vault, and problems can start in other parts of your body. In fact, “over-supporting” just one arch of the foot may actually cause pain and symptoms, not relieve them.