Many patients experience headaches after an automobile accident.  It is important to seek  medical attention right away even if they are mild.  Post-traumatic headaches could be your indication that something more serious is going on such as a concussion or a blood clot in the brain or your headache may be due to an injury to your neck.  

Headaches may include your entire head or may be localized to a small area.  Headaches may be constant or they may come and go.  You may have a stabbing or a dull, throbbing pain, blurred vision, difficulty with memory, difficulty with concentration, nausea or vomiting, or tenderness of the scalp, neck or shoulder muscles.  

If you’re experiencing headaches Dr. Moscow may order imaging such as MRIs or CT scans of the head or of the neck in order to rule out more serious conditions.  

How are headaches treated?

For 14 years Dr. Moscow successfully treated countless patients who suffered from headaches.  Treatment options may include traditional chiropractic adjustments or the use of adjusting devices such as activator or arthrostim, flexion-distraction or decompression therapy, modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation, massage therapy, rehab exercises, different types of stretches, or prescription or over the counter medication or .  

We also work with many other physicians in Sarasota including neurologists, neurosurgeons and pain management specialists that we may consult if appropriate. 

Every person is different and deserves an approach to treatment that is best suited to you.