Symptoms of migraine type headaches may include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, lightheadedness, and sensitivity to light or sound.  Symptoms often only occur on one side of the head. Migraines can last from hours to days and can be disabling.

Fortunately, Dr. Moscow has had years of success treating people that suffer from migraines.  Dr. Moscow has helped hundreds of patients by looking “outside the box” correcting abnormalities that your prior doctor have missed.  Migraines can be caused from a variety of factors including misalignments of the joints in the spine and the extremities, hormonal factors, food, food additives, alcohol, stress, bright lights, changes in sleeping patterns, intense physical exertion, changes in weather, or may be due to medications.

Dr. Moscow will do a thorough history and examination to determine the appropriate diagnosis for your condition.  He sits down and discusses with you his examination findings and his recommendations for treatment. Dr. Moscow may also order imaging such as x-rays, MRI, CT, bone scans, etc. but only if necessary.

Treatment options may include a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation.  Dr. Moscow has many methods that he may utilize including a traditional chiropractic adjustment in order to properly align a misaligned joint and restore normal function.  Or if more appropriate he may use gentle techniques such as using Cox decompression therapy (flexion-distraction) or he may use an Arthrostim or Activator instrument or do various stretching techniques.