Sprain and Strains

We must first identify which muscle or ligaments are affected.  The human body has between 600 and 800 muscles and thousands of ligaments.  Symptoms of muscle sprains or ligament sprains may include pain, soreness, decreased ranges-of-motion, bruising, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness or weakness.

A muscle strain (pulled muscle) or ligament sprain occurs when a muscle is overstretched due to fatigue, overuse or improper use.  A muscle strain may be acute and occur due to strenuous activity or may be chronic in nature due to a variety of factors. Dr. Moscow is excellent on identifying the root cause of chronic injury.

Once the injury is properly identified we can find the appropriate method of treatment.  Treatment options may include a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation. Dr. Moscow has many methods that he may utilize including a traditional chiropractic adjustment in order to properly align a misaligned joint and restore normal function.  Or if more appropriate he may use gentle techniques such as using Cox decompression therapy (flexion-distraction) or he may use an Arthrostim or Activator instrument or do various stretching techniques.

Dr. Moscow may also utilize other treatment modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, various methods of stretching, massage therapy, exercise and rehabilitation, nutrition counseling or may prescribe a brace or orthotic.  We also have a medical doctor on staff that can prescribe medication when needed.