You will be warmly received by Louisa at our front desk and be asked to fill-out some basic paperwork so that we have an understanding of your current and past medical history.  You will then have a conversation with Dr. Moscow regarding your current injuries and expectations for your visit.  

Dr. Moscow will do a full history and perform a physical exam and then discuss with you his findings and a course of action in order to get you feeling better and help you achieve optimal level of functioning.  The history and physical exam is not what you will get from your typical doctor such as your internist of general practitioner where you are in a room with the doctor for less than 5 minutes.  

Dr. Moscow will take as much time is needed in order to carefully listen to your history and then he will walk you through the examination and treatment.  Dr. Moscow has a reputation for being extremely thorough and personable with his patients and has been achieving amazing results for more than a decade.